Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – August 17th, 2019

The first practice for the October 2019 Walks was held on August 10th. Since the practice was in both Huron and Pierre, the board did not meet that day. A meeting was held by phone conference on August 17, 2019.

Board Members Present on a phone conference call: Hazel Behrens, Steve Eliason, Kevin Klare, Carmen Nikont, Scott Nikont, Jeanne Olson, Ron Olson, Scott Rodman, Val Rush, Andy Ryks. Also: Susan Ehrk

The August 10th practice was discussed. Additional information for manuals will be sent out this week.

Board members discussed the team practice scheduled for September 14th. Betty Janke has contacted Gary Walters to organize the practice in Rapid City. Steve Eliason agreed to contact members in Brookings to plan the practice there. Specific information will be provided once the details are confirmed with the church communities. During the August 10th practice, team members discussed having community members participate during practice weekends in order to provide more feedback for speakers. After discussion, the board feels that it is important to respect the sanctuary of the conference room and members agreed that talks will only be previewed by the team and board members. If a talk cannot be previewed during one of the practice weekends, board approval will need to be given for a talk to be previewed at an alternate time.

An update on pilgrims was given. An email will be sent this week to remind Community Members about the upcoming walks and sponsoring pilgrims.

Spring Walk 2020: A motion was made by Kevin Klare and seconded by Hazel Behrens to hold a spring walk. The motion was carried. The board has contacted a site on Lake Poinsett. Because of the weather in South Dakota, the facility feels that holding the walks toward the end of April and beginning of May would be beneficial. Representatives for the board will visit the site to create a plan for future walks and to get pricing information. A formal request was made for the Men’s Lay Director. The board will continue to search for a possible Lay Director for the women’s walk.

Scott Nikont asked board members to respond to the Ministry Manager of the Upper Room email in order to start the transfer to the Emmaus database.

The next board meeting will be on September 21st.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Jeanne Olson – Community Lay Director