Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes- July 20, 2019

 Board Members present on Conference Call: Steve Eliason, Val Rush, Kevin Klare, Ron Olson, and Tonya Whitmore. Quorum not established so the following items were discussed with those on the Conference Call.

Vice Chairperson, Tonya Whitmore, called the meeting to order.  Spiritual Director Val Rush led the devotional and prayer.

The Treasurer’s Report was shared by Steve Eliason. Steve will email all Board Members to approve the bills presented for payment of postage and Walk Book supplies.

Men’s Lay Director, Steve Eliason, reviewed his current team members and a couple of positions not yet filled on the team. He will make a few more calls this next week. Tonya gave a brief update on Sue Ehrk’s team formation since she was not available. She has her team completed and all books have been mailed out to team members. The first Practice Weekend is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th in Pierre at the 1st UMC Church. Bev Mickelson is putting together the meals with help from the Pierre reunion groups. More details will be emailed to Steve and Sue to share with their team members to encourage them to come to the first Practice Weekend. A second Practice Weekend is scheduled for September 14th with the location to be determined after the first Practice Weekend is completed.

Kevin Klare has offered Emmaus the use of his GoToMeeting Conference Video account (if needed) for previewing a couple of talks for those that are not able to make either Practice Weekend. Everyone agreed that this would not be an alternative to coming to the Practice Weekends to preview their talk.

Board membership was discussed for West River. Those present on Conference Call agreed that the Conference Call option worked very well today with the group. This Conference Call option would not replace meeting together on a regular monthly basis but would allow us to involve more members that are not able to travel from West River or North Dakota areas. Their involvement is needed for future Walks at Storm Mountain.

Kevin Klare reported on possible Spring Walk Location at Lake Poinsett in Arlington, SD. They have remodeled cabins and the chapel to accommodate larger groups. The Directors of the camp have experienced an Emmaus Movement in Pittsburg, PA so they are very familiar with what is needed to host an Emmaus Walk weekend. Kevin’s team will tour the camp in the next 3 weeks and firm up the prices/possible dates in May 2020 to present at the next board meeting.

The next Board Meeting will be held on August 10th in Pierre. Time to be determined and the Conference Call Option will be available for those that are not able to travel to Pierre. Details will be sent out prior to the meeting for Conference Call procedures and code.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Tonya Whitmore, Vice Chair