Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – October 26th, 2019

Board Members Present: Steve Eliason, Kevin Klare, Scott Nikont, Carmen Nikont, Jeanne Olson, Eric Rippentrop, Scott Rodman, Susie Ryks, Tonya Whitmore.

Kevin Klare led the opening prayer.

The treasurer’s report was shared by Steve Eliason. Scott Nikont moved to approve the report and Kevin gave his second. Motion passed. Kevin reminded the board that some of the information for the team members is available in a PDF format so it can be emailed rather than paying postage to mail out all the books.

There was further discussion about reimbursements for Women’s Walk team members that paid their registrations but are not able to attend during the rescheduled dates. Team deposits are non-refundable, but Since the Walk was canceled due to weather-related circumstances, Carmen Nikont made a motion to reimburse team members once the Walk is completed on November 17th. The motion was seconded by Scott Nikont. Motion passed.

Men’s Walk: Steve Eliason, Men’s Lay Director, shared that the accommodations and food were great; there were six Men pilgrims, and another group was on the campus that caused a small distraction at times but the Walk went well. Tonya Whitmore shared a letter from Dale Hora, Agape Chair. He suggested that additional lights are needed on the pathways. Also, we requested more people to help with the trailer for unloading on Thursday and loading on Sunday evening. Scott Nikont shared the board representative report.

Women’s Walk: The walk is rescheduled for Nov. 14-17. There have been some team member changes. Currently, table leaders are still needed. The prayer vigil is posted on the website for signups.

Spring Walk: Kevin Klare and Andy Ryks shared information about the Lake Poinsett Camp. (See attached letter for facts about the facility.) They have not had flooding in the buildings. The facility would provide options for a conference room. The maximum number of pilgrims for this year would be 26, but there is room to expand. Andy made a motion to hold the Spring Men’s Walk April 23-26 and the Spring Women’s Walk on April 30-May 3 at Lake Poinsett Camp. The motion was seconded by Eric.

Board Members discussed that West River board representation will be needed to continue with two walks each year. (In the future, separating discussions by location will be helpful.) Several board positions still need to be filled. Tonya has approached several people already. Kevin suggested that virtual meetings will provide us more options without a lot of travel needed.

New Business: Scott Nikont has been talking to the Upper Room staff. Eastern Nebraska is in a rebuilding phase, and the Upper Room will be providing training. Dakota Walk to Emmaus board members could be invited to participate once they get the training class scheduled.

The next board meetings will be Nov. 23rd and December 14th.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Jeanne Olson
Lay Director of Board