Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – Nov. 23, 2019

Board Members Present: Hazel Behrens, Steve Eliason, Kevin Klare, Matt Richards, Scott Nikont, Carmen Nikont, Jeanne Olson, Scott Rodman, Susie Ryks, Tonya Whitmore. Sue Ehrk was also present.

Pastor Matt Richards led the opening prayer.

The treasurer’s report was shared by Steve Eliason. Some bills are still out, and some registrations need to be reimbursed. Pilgrims that canceled will be contacted about attending the Spring or Fall Walks. The total amount can be held for a future walk since the first walk was canceled due to weather. At the December meeting, the board will review the list of team members that canceled and make reimbursements. The book sales were very good at the Women’s Walk. Tonya Whitmore made a motion to approve the report and Scott Rodman seconded it.

Women’s Walk: 
• Sue Ehrk, Women’s Lay Director, shared comments about the Walk. The Walk went well. There were thirteen pilgrims. The table members worked together well. The food was good, and the views were gorgeous. The women seemed to appreciate the quiet time that the cabins provided. The talks were wonderful and well received. The candlelight ceremony was small since there were few community members that participated. Everyone appreciated the entertainment that Scott Nikont provided at the banquet. The Storm Mountain staff responded quickly to questions and were very accommodating. Sue was grateful for the opportunity to be the Lay Director.
• Tonya Whitmore shared the report from Michelle Lintvedt, the Agape chair. The Agape team was amazing and they worked well as a team to cover all tasks. The stairs made some tasks difficult, and they missed having a spiritual director. Tonya also shared the board representative report. The pilgrims worked well together and were committed to growth. She has contacted Storm Mountain to get dates for the fall 2020 walk.
• Hazel Behrens shared the Spiritual Director’s report. The weekend was stressful at times because of the challenge to reschedule team members so she is grateful for the team that participated. Those that were not able to attend were disappointed that they could not be there. She was thankful for the opportunity to serve as the Spiritual Director.
• Carmen Nikont shared suggestions for having cabin assignments for future walks.

The board discussed that the Women’s Spring Lay Director position needs to be determined. Kevin Klare has requested a contract for using the facility at Lake Poinsett. A suggestion was made to email community members with information about the Spring Walk in order to build participation.

West river participation is needed now that we are planning future Walks at Storm Mountain. Scott Nikont suggested that the board send out postcards to all members in order to build active membership. Matt Richards recommended the creation of east river and west river community coordinators. It was also discussed the need to reach out to our home churches to continue to spread the Emmaus message.

The Horas have been taking care of the trailer for a long time, and the board needs to find other options.

The next board meeting will be on December 14th. The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Jeanne Olson
Board President