Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – Jan. 25, 2020

Board Members Present:  Hazel Behrens, Kevin Klare, Scott Nikont, Carmen Nikont,  Jeanne Olson, Dulcey Rufledt, Pastor Val Rush, Andy Ryks, Susie Ryks, Tonya Whitmore.

Pastor Val Rush led the opening prayer.

Teams for Spring Walk:

  • Men’s Team- Andy provided an updated report on the men’s team.  He is focusing on having east river support since there will be a fall walk at Storm Mountain.  Val provided updated information on the spiritual directors.
  • Carmen has contacted many Emmaus members and is continuing to put together her team.
  • Talk outlines will be emailed to team members, and their books will be handed out at the practice weekends. Books will need to be returned at the end of the walk so that they are ready for the fall lay directors.
  • Kevin, Steve, Scott, and Tonya will be working together to create a plan for Agape since it will be a new site and layout. Andy and Kevin reminded the board that space for Agape will be limited this year.

Kevin received the contract from Lake Poinsett and submitted it to the board.

Practice Weekends:

  • The first practice will be Feb. 21st and 22nd at the United Methodist Church in Dell Rapids. Team members should contact Andy Ryks if they will need a place to stay.
  • The second practice will be March 27th and 28th at the First United Methodist Church in Huron.
  • Andy will have a laptop at the practice weekends. Team members are strongly encouraged to complete their registrations at those times. Online registrations lessen the paperwork and time of the registrar.

Emmaus Trailer:

  • The board needs to find other options for storing the trailer. A central location in the state will be best with east and west river walks.  Tonya and Jeanne will make calls to members.

Board Members:

  • Tonya has contacted several west river members about joining the board.

February 29th was suggested for the next board meeting.  Jeanne will send out emails to board members to finalize a date.

Please pray for team members and future pilgrims.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Jeanne Olson
Lay Director of Board