Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – Feb 29th, 2020

Board Members Present:  Steve Eliason, Kevin Klare, Scott Nikont, Carmen Nikont, Ron Olson, Pastor Val Rush, Andy Ryks, Susie Ryks, Tonya Whitmore, Jeanne Olson.

Pastor Val Rush led the opening prayer.

Steve Eliason presented the treasurer’s report.  Andy Ryks made a motion to accept the report.  It was seconded by Ron Olson.  The report was approved.

Men’s and Women’s Teams:

Andy and Carmen are working to finalize their teams.  They still have some positions to fill.  Recommendations were made by board members.

Practice Weekend Feb. 21st and 22nd:

The weekend went well.  The men’s team previewed seven talks, and the women’s team previewed six talks.

The next practice weekend will be March 20th and 21st in Huron.  This is a change from the first date that was scheduled.  Andy and Carmen will contact their team members to check their availability and to get numbers for meals and housing.  Team members are strongly encouraged to complete their registrations at the practice.

Kevin Klare will plan another walk through at Lake Poinsett in order to make preparations for Agape.

Emmaus Trailer:

Dale Hora has offered to rebuild the carts in the trailer and reorganize the materials into plastic tubs that will be lighter and waterproof.  Steve Eliason made a motion to have the board pay for the necessary materials.  It was seconded by Andy Ryks.  Motion carried.

Fall Walks:

Tonya Whitmore will contact Storm Mountain to confirm dates for the fall walks.

Please pray for team members and future pilgrims.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by

Jeanne Olson

Lay Director of Board