April 2018

Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – April 21, 2018

Present: Susan Ehrk, Dale & Peggy Hora, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean Johnson, Jeanne Olson, Rick Hazen, Teresa Rush, Karl & Jo Watkins, Tonya Whitmore, Steve Eliason, and Andy & Susie Ryks.Susan Ehrk, CLD, called the meeting to order. Karl Watkins led a devotional on Acts 9.

The Secretaries Report was approved prior to posting to website. Tonya gave the Treasurer’s Report in printed format and explained some of the line items. Approval of the bill for Inspiration Hills Walk expenses was approved for payment.

Old Business: Discussion was held regarding extra supplies that were purchased during the Walks.   We will plans to use the supplies that are not needed. Some of the supplies purchased this year duplicated some items already available.

Sue reminded us of the upcoming Walk dates of March 21-24 & 28-31, in 2019. She asked for prayers for the Lay Directors and team their formations.

Three board members completing their term of office on the board include Karl & Jo Watkins and Susan Erhk.   Much appreciation and thanks to each of them for their commitment and service to the Dakotas Walk to Emmaus.

Names of persons who are qualified for various positions to serve during upcoming Walks were reviewed. The next Lay Directors in Training positions were nominated and unanimously selected.

A possible email draft was shared and approved that is ready to use in contacting ALDs regarding their availability to serve in that position in the future.

Walk Chapels & use of chapel manual for setting up chapels were discussed. It is agreed that the Walks are to focus on the 15 talks and to bring focus to the Lord. Manuals are available for the teams and need to be followed in the chapels and to remain less elaborate as we stay with Upper Room Guidelines.

We will try to have a CD with the “DeColores” music so each walk can hear the correct speed and melody to use during the walks.

Susan reminded us of the need for more agape gifts at the upcoming Walks.   Reunion groups should start making agape now with 66 items per Walk. Remember to only use reunion group names on agape gifts not an individual’s name.

A new Reunion group is starting in Brookings/White area! They will get information to Tonya to get updated on the Website as soon as possible.

Board Positions have been accepted for the upcoming year of service. Motion was made by Karl and seconded by Jeanne to approve the list of officers and committee members for April 2018 – April 2019. Motion Carried.

Additional committee development will be considered for Sponsorship Training, Community Communication, Church Awareness, and Geographical Networking. More details in the next few weeks.

Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2019 at First UMC in Mitchell at 9:30AM

Respectfully Submitted

Betty Janke, DWTE Board Secretary


April 2018 –April 2019 Board Positions:

Community Lay Director:     Jeanne Olson

Vice Chair:                             Tonya Whitmore

Secretary:                               Betty Janke

Treasurer:                              Steve Eliason

Community Spiritual Dir:     Val Rush

ExOfficio:                                Susan Ehrk


Committee Chairpersons:

Registrar:                               Andy & Susie Ryks

Historian:                              Peggy Hora

Supplies:                               Dale &Peggy Hora

Facility Contact:                   Delmar & Betty Janke

Gatherings:                           Barb Johnson

Prayer Chain:                        Michelle Lindvedt

Agape:                                   Marge Mellendorf

Newsletters:                        Martha Brandt

Communion Supplies:          Scott Rodman

Website:                                 Tonya Whitmore