December 31, 2016

Those present include: Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Kevin & Carrie Klare, Dean Larson, Joan Larson, Deb Mills, Jeanne Olson, Tonya Whitmore, Karl & Jo Watkins, Scott Rodman, and Clint & DeAnn Wood.

Meeting was called to order by Tonya Whitmore. Quorum established. Karl Watkins led opening devotions and prayer.  Secretary’s report was approved as written & posted to emails. (We are unable to post to website at this time).  Deb Mills, treasurer, distributed a report which was approved by board.  Bank account at Dakotaland FCU is now established.   Deb Mills and Tonya Whitmore are the names listed at FCU for check writing and financial purposes.   Motion made and board approved.

Extensive discussion was held with both Lay Directors giving and receiving information regarding team formation.  Dean Larson and Carrie Klare have been in considerable prayer and planning in creating the teams for the upcoming walks 53 & 54 for March, 2017.   Discussion was held regarding using two people to lead the agape teams, one as chairperson and the other as assistant chairperson.  Board recommends one chairperson and one assistant to lead agape team.    Board also recommends training people to serve in the kitchen with the chairpersons so experienced people will be trained to serve on future walks.  Rotation of people in walk positions is valuable in all positions. Walk Practice dates are set for Jan 27th-28th and Feb 24th-25th with sites most likely in Dell Rapids and Huron.

The Board Policy currently states that limited technology be used in the conference room.   Upper Room will be contacted to determine the latest policy regarding use of technology equipment in the Conference Room.  Board members will discuss this item at next meeting and determine if changes to this policy are needed.  Insurance to cover DWTE needs, as recommended by the Upper Room, continues to be on hold awaiting more information to meet the needs of the community.

Tonya asked for names of people to contact for serving on board, (4 positions will be available).  Terms will be effective starting in January, 2017.  Current board members are reminded that board service is maintained through the walk dates to the end of March.

The prayer vigil sign-up forms are available website for our 2017 walks.

Dates for spring 2018 walks are set for Men’s Walk on March 8th-11th & Women’s Walk on 15th -18th at Inspiration Hills.  Motion by Kevin and seconded by Karl to approve dates.  Motion carried.

Next meeting will be January 21st at First UMC in Mitchell at 9:30AM.  Meeting was adjourned with prayer.  Communion was served by Pastors Karl & Jo Watkins.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Janke

Recording Secretary