February 19, 2017

In attendance: Susan Ehrk, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Deb Mills, Scott Rodman, Deb Rinehart, Tonya Whitmore, Rick & Jane Hazen, Val & Teresa Rush, Karl & Jo Watkins.
Meeting was called to order by Deb Mills. Rick Hazen gave opening prayer.
Secretary’s report was approved as sent via email. Treasurer’s report was approved as printed.
Tonya introduced Deb Rinehart who was unanimously approved as new board member. Several board positions remain to be filled including one pastor position.
Tonya gave report regarding Walks 55 & 56 in absence of Lay Directors. Practice weekend will be Feb. 24 & 25 in Huron. Start time is 7 PM Friday & 8 AM Saturday. Participants may bring snacks to share. Meal will be supplied by Huron Emmaus Community.
North Star Mutual Insurance Co. plan was reviewed. Motion was made by Val and seconded by Barb to accept the insurance plan as printed with fee of $401.00 for year. The board treasurer information will be used on the form so yearly contract may be kept current. Motion carried.
Prayer vigil sign-up form is on the website. We are encouraged to sign up and pray. Tonya reported that Kayleen Wharton is developing the website which will be user-friendly and will be functional before the walks. It will have a mobile app in the near future. It will be able to take prayer requests and keep them confidential. In appreciation for the expertise & dedication in developing the website Kayleen & her husband, Alex, will be offered a gift discount of $35.00 each if they choose to go on the upcoming walks. Motion was made by Karl and seconded by Val. Motion carried.
Motion was made by Dean and seconded by Val, to approve the Amended By-law, Article IV, Section 3. (c) as it is written. Motion carried.
Tonya distributed color coded and updated forms for the walks.
Next Board meeting will be held March 18th at First UMC in Mitchell. April 22nd is date set for Team Wrap-Up, Board Meeting, and Community Gathering. Meeting was adjourned and communion was shared.
FYI Walk dates for 2018: Men’s Walk: March 8-11, 2018; Women Walk: March 15-18, 2018.
Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Janke,
Board Secretary