February 2, 2019

Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – February 2, 2019

Board Members Present: Susan Ehrk, Dale & Peggy Hora, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Jeanne Olson, Scott Rodman, Tonya Whitmore, Rick & Jane Hazen, Andy & Susie Ryks. Also: Lisa Luft, Mark Larson, and Eric Rippentrop.Jeanne Olson, Community Lay Director, called the meeting to order near the end of the Practice Weekend. Quorum was established.

Meeting agenda, listing of current and retiring board members, and new Kitchen Use Policy from Inspiration Hills were distributed.

As of this time there are 5 Pilgrims registered for the upcoming walks. The Walks will take place!!. Everyone must be actively praying and recruiting Pilgrims. A newsletter will go out soon which will carry pertinent information regarding the walks. The deadline for Pilgrim & Team Registrations for the walks is March 7th. Food requests and special dietary needs will be indicated at that time to guarantee meals.

The newly created Kitchen Policy for Inspiration Hills was distributed. This policy has come as the result of the new Iowa State laws that went into effect January 1, 2019 which regulate food handling, safety, etc. Due to the staff of Inspiration Hills needing to handle all the food preparations, and the elimination of carried-in meal foods, our costs will significantly increase.   The director, Rev Norlyn, of Inspiration Hills, is working closely with us to keep our costs as reasonable as possible. After the walks in March of 2019, there will be a facility fee of $1250.00 per weekend, in addition to the per person registration fees. The only kitchen service that we will be able to do is limited to dishwashing, serving meals and clearing table tasks. Four people are to serve in the dishwashing department and are to remain consistent throughout the weekend.   Agape snacks will be handled from an area in the lower level. The Thursday afternoon meal will be supplied by Insp. Hills for a freewill offering.   We are expected to give a facility fee this year so a motion was made by Dale Hora, and seconded by Barb Johnson to inform the director that we will determine the amount that we can afford to give at the end of the Walks.   Motion carried. Tonya will communicate with the director at IH.

In addition to discussing the cost of the walks, a discussion was held regarding keeping the costs of supplies, etc. at a minimum, such as napkins, placemats, copying, foods, water bottles, etc.   The debit card may only be used with board approval during the weekends. Pitchers of water will be used if furnished bottled water is depleted.  In the newsletter we will suggest people bring their own refillable water bottle and coffee mug.

The next practice weekend is set for March 1 & 2, starting with a board meeting at 6PM on Friday March 1st at the First United Methodist Church of Brookings. Anyone who needs or wants housing must let Steve Eliason know by February 15th or be responsible for booking your own accommodations. (Storm date, if needed, is set for March 8 & 9.)

Upper Room Covenant agreement was signed today and a new one will need to be signed again after election of officers take place in April.

Recruitment of new board members is needed since a large number of current board members are going off the board in April.

Mark Larson, Men’s LD, reported on the status of the men’s team. His team is complete except he is searching for a music director due to the previous person needing to be relieved.

Lisa Luft, Women’s LD, reported on the status of the women’s team.   There will be a small group gathering for a practice weekend Feb. 16th at Jamestown.

“The Community Gathering” after the walks is set for April 27th at First UMC in Mitchell. More information will be forthcoming regarding those plans.

Please continue to hold team members and pilgrims in your prayers for the future walks.

Board meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Janke, DWTE Board Secretary