We want to welcome you as a new member of the Dakota’s Walk to Emmaus Community!

Below, you will find a complete set of forms that you can use to sponsor someone on a Walk.

The strength of any Emmaus Community is a direct result of that Community’s recruiting practices. If the Community is committed to recruiting strong Church leaders for the purpose of strengthening the local Church, then the Community will be a strong, vital force in the renewal movement. If, on the other hand, the Walk to Emmaus is looked upon, as a hospital where every human ill can be cured, it will have a weakening effect on the entire Community. Emmaus is designed to spiritually renew Church members who, in turn, can Christianize their environments. The Church is a vital part of the renewal effort. If strong Church members are recruited to attend Emmaus Walk, the Emmaus Community will provide authentic spiritual renewal.

Take time to review the whole eighth chapter in your Day Four Book (page 51) before photocopying these forms for your own use. The title is “The Next Generation: Being A Good Sponsor”, and it provides good direction on sponsorship. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and then you are ready! These items are included in the current set: Walk to Emmaus Information Sheet, a general description of the weekend, designed to answer some of the basic questions and address some of the fears.

Request for Participation: To be completed by the participant and given back to the sponsor with a $50.00 deposit check attached. The remaining balance of $100 can also be included with the form or it can be paid two weeks prior to the walk start date.  Please mail this form along with your Sponsor Form (see below).

Sponsor Form: This form must be completed by the sponsor making sure you answer all questions. Please attach your form to the participant’s "Request for Participation" form before mailing directly to the registrar's address listed on the form. If a married couple will be attending, please send both forms at the same time.  Local sponsors can be arranged, if needed.

Keep in mind that The Walk to Emmaus is ecumenical and persons may attend without their pastor’s participation. Married couples are encouraged to make equal commitment, where possible. Those who have participated in Cursillo, Tres Dias or Via de Cristo are welcome to be supportive in roles as sponsors or as team members, or to become involved in the general Community. Rev. Stephen Bryant, first Director of Walk to Emmaus, feels that Emmaus depends on “ordinary” Christians sharing God’s love by working together in the Spirit of Christ, guiding people into a deeper realization of God’s love supporting one another in their decision to walk in the grace of Jesus Christ, and sacrificing to make the weekend possible. Won’t you be a sponsor?