January 21, 2017

Those present include:  Peggy Hora, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Kevin & Carrie Klare, Deb Mills, Scott Rodman, Tonya Whitmore, Rick & Jane Hazen, Val & Teresa Rush, and Karl Watkins.

Meeting was called to order by Tonya Whitmore.  Karl Watkins led opening devotions.

Secretary’s report was approved as written & sent via email.  Treasurer’s report was approved as printed.

Nominating report by Tonya was approved with motion by Karl and second by Rick.  A motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Val to transition off out-going board members in April meeting after the Walks.  Motions carried.  Thank you to board members for their terms of service to the Emmaus community and board.


Officers elected for year include:

Community Lay Director:     Deb Mills

Community Spiritual Director:      Karl Watkins

Vice Chair:     Susan Erhk

Treasurer:     Tonya Whitmore

Secretary:      Betty Janke


Other Positions include:

Registrar:      Jeanne Olson

Data Base Maintenance:     (open)

Facility & Upper Room Contact:      Betty Janke

Historian:    Peggy Hora

Supplies:    Dale & Peggy Hora

Prayer Chain:   Michelle Lintvedt

Agape:  Marge Mellendorf

Newsletter: Martha Brandt

Communion :  Jane Hazen (interim)

Gatherings/Walk Follow:   Barb Johnson

Several additional committee positions yet to be filled….

Thank you to board members for their terms of service to the Emmaus community and board.   The DWTE will not exist without people who are willing to give their time & serve on the board of directors.   The board is needing more new members.

Community Lay Director Deb Mills continued meeting.

Kevin gave report for Dean Larson, Men’s LD for Walk #55.  The formation of team is progressing well with a few openings.   Kevin requested permission to leave at 3PM Sunday of Men’s Walk for business trip.  Permission was granted.

Carrie Klare, Women’s LD, Walk #56 reported on team formation also with a few openings.

A motion was made by Kevin, seconded by Peggy, for Mary Ann Sheldon to be Spiritual Director of Women’s Walk.  Motion approved. Practice weekend is Jan. 27 & 28 in Dell Rapids and Feb 24 & 25, in Huron.  Start time is 7 PM Fridays & 8 AM Saturdays.  Participants are asked to bring snacks to share and Breakfast & Lunch are provided by the Dell Rapids and Huron Emmaus Communities.

The Churches who host the practice weekends will be given a men’s & a women’s walk gift certificate in appreciation for use of the church building.   Mitchell First UMC will also receive gift certificates for hosting all Board Meetings.  Motion made by Karl and seconded by Jane to provide these church certificates.   Motion approved.

Prayer vigil sign up form is on the website and we are all encouraged to sign up and pray.   Tonya reported that the website has problems and cannot presently be updated. At this time we are not able to upload Board Minutes, Forms or other documents. She is exploring two other website possibilities and will report back to board at next meeting.

A Newsletter will be sent out before walks with articles from Walk Lay Directors and Spiritual Directors.  Please have these articles submitted in email form by Feb. 25th to Martha Brandt. Marthalbrandt@gmail.com

Discussion regarding technology use in the Conference Room was held with input regarding letter from Upper Room.  Their letter stated in part: “Computer usage for PowerPoints is okay if they are simple and are similar to what would have been done in the past on a poster.   There should not be required use by speakers, nor should every talk include PowerPoint.   Other visuals are still beneficial and variety is good.   During a weekend, there should be only one computer and it should not be used for anything else…like someone wanting to check” personal messages.  Many communities use PowerPoint for their music to show the title of a talk, and speakers to have Power Points to support their talks.   There should not be computers elsewhere during the weekend.  People (including clergy) who use an IPad or similar device as their Bible, should NOT use these devices on the weekend Walks.  Use the “old-fashioned” paper Bible and talks on paper.”

After review of the Upper Room guidelines a motion was made by Karl and seconded by Rick that “if the computer use is going to take place at any walk there must be one IT person on the conference room team (of the same gender) at the walk and they must also be present at the practice weekends.   At the practice weekend, the speakers requiring the computer for their talk must have the talk on Flash Drive to download (with the IT person) and must do the practice talk with the equipment functioning.  There will be no changes made after the talk is downloaded.  The only technology program allowed will be PowerPoint.   No videos and nothing imbedded in the Power Point will be acceptable”.   Motion approved.

Discussion of updated forms was held.   Forms are now modified and corrected as needed.  Thank you, Jeanne, for your work on the forms.

The cost of walks are $135.00 per person.   If one person is working back to back weekends or if a couple is working weekends there is a $25.00 discount per person.   Also, if community members are working the banquet and eating a meal, the cost will be $15.00 donation for the meal. Continue to pray for the upcoming Walk’s and for sponsoring of new Pilgrims.

Corrected dates for 2018:   Men’s Walk: March 8-11, 2018; Women Walk: March 15-18, 2018.

Next Board meeting will be held February 18th.  March meeting date is March 18th.  April 22nd is tentative date set for Team Wrap-Up, Board Meeting, and Community Gathering.  Meeting was adjourned and time of prayer requests and communion was shared.


Respectfully Submitted,

 Betty Janke, Board Secretary