Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes- June 15, 2019

Board Members Present: Steve Eliason, Scott Rodman, Val Rush, Susie Ryks, Andy Ryks, Eric Rippentrop, Jeanne Olson.  Also present: Susan Ehrk, Monica & Dale Bragg.

Spiritual Director Val Rush led the devotional and prayer.

The Treasurer’s Report was shared by Steve Eliason. Inspiration Hills has not sent the final facility charge amount so Tonya suggested that a reasonable payment be made to Inspiration Hills.

Board membership was discussed. Representation is needed for more communities in the Dakota areas, especially West River.

Steve Eliason visited Storm Mountain and shared information about the facility. Another group will be using one of the other buildings during our Walks Weekends Steve will contact Storm Mountain again to check on the dining room schedule and options for Saturday evening.

Sue Ehrk and Steve Eliason, continue to contact people for their teams. The first practice weekend will be on August 10th in Pierre. The second practice will be Sept. 14th. With walks taking place in western and eastern South Dakota, Andy suggested that future lay directors complete training in the same facility in which they will be the lay director.

Scott Nikont’s email about Chrysalis was discussed. The Chrysalis Flight in Nebraska is August 1st-4th. Information is available at nebraskachrysalis.org.

The meeting was adjourned. Communion was served by Pastor Val.

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