March 18, 2017

In attendance: Susan Ehrk, Dale & Peggy Hora, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Deb Mills, Jeanne Olson, Scott Rodman, Deb Rinehart, Tonya Whitmore, Clint Woods, Carrie Klare, Val & Teresa
Rush, Karl & Jo Watkins.

Meeting was called to order by Community LD, Deb Mills. Community SD, Karl Watkins, gave opening devotions & prayer.

Secretary’s report was approved as sent via email. Treasurer’s report was printed. Jo made motion & Dale seconded it to approve payment to Upper Room for supplies ordered in amount of $301.83. Motion carried. Computer website bill of $585.00 for setting up plus yearly hosting fee for total of $729.53 was approved for payment with motion by Karl and second by Delmar. Motion carried. Discussion of spyware & antivirus coverage for computer was held. Deb reported that Windows 10 has free coverage. Karl made motion and Clint seconded it to authorize treasurer to pay for extra coverage if needed, otherwise to upgrade our computer to windows 10 to get the free protection. Motion passed. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Women’s Lay Director Carrie Klare reported that “all is fine” regarding the women’s walk. Peggy Hora stated they could still use some additional agape workers and she plans to send out a letter to workers this week. Those attending the walks are encouraged to bring agape snacks. We were reminded that the prayer vigil still has open spots for prayer time and may be accessed via the website. Everyone agrees the website looks very nice.

Discussion was held regarding open board positions, especially clergy positions.

Announcement of times for community to gather at the walks will be placed on prayer chain and on website to remind people of proper times including sponsor hour at 7PM Friday, 4:30PM Saturday, and 4:30 closing Sunday.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 and will be preceded by the Team Wrap‐Up meeting. Peggy Hora made a motion which was seconded by Karl to have the Team Wrap-Up Meeting start at 9:30 and board meeting to start at 10:30 and end at 11:30 maximum. They will be followed by Gathering with Communion at 11:30. Due to another meeting in the church we will plan to order in food for a fellowship meal. Meeting will be held at First UMC of Mitchell.

Meeting was adjourned and Karl Watkins led the communion service.

FYI Walk dates for 2018: Men’s Walk: March 8‐11, 2018; Women Walk: March 15‐18, 2018.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Janke, Board Secretary
Following the board meeting, 3/18/2017, some business was done online with Deb Mills sending a request for business that needed immediate attention. Jeanne received a request for a couple of scholarships. Deb requested that action of a motion and second be done on line with voting on line. Rick Hazen made a motion to approve giving the scholarships. Karl Watkins seconded the motion. Voting began. One question was asked which was for clarification: (Is this a partial scholarship or is it to cover the full $135.00 per recipient?). The response to that question was that the people have paid the $35.00 registration fee so the scholarships would be $100.00 per person. Motion Carried.