March 2018

Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – March 24, 2018

Present: Susan Ehrk, Dale & Peggy Hora, Delmar and Betty Janke, Dean & Barb, Johnson, Jeanne Olson, Deb Rinehart, Scott Rodman, Val & Teresa Rush, Tonya Whitmore, & 2019 Men’s Walk LD, Mark Larson.  Susan Ehrk, CLD, called the meeting to order at the close of the wrap up meeting for Walks #57 & #58. The Secretaries Report was approved prior to posting to website. Tonya gave Treasurer Report indicating that some bills remain unpaid from the Walks.   A motion was made by Karl and seconded by Jeanne to give Tonya permission to pay all reasonable bills regarding the Walks. Motion carried.

Mark Larson, LD for Walk #59, was present and shared some thoughts and plans.   A motion was made by Betty and seconded by Peggy to approve Pastor Karl Watkins for the Spiritual Director for Walk #59. Motion carried. Mark feels led to develop a brief prayer for daily use by the Community as we pray for DWTE Walks #59 & #60. He is considering creating a devotional similar in format to the Upper Room Devotions which would be built around the 15 Talks during the Walks. Mark is willing to develop the 10 Lay Talks devotional and Karl Watkins has agreed to develop the 5 Spiritual Talk devotionals. The Board unanimously agreed to support this communication.

Lisa Luft, Women’s LD for walk #60, was unable to be present at meeting today. 2019 Lay Directors are encouraged to establish their Spiritual Director and Board Rep early in the team formation so preparation can begin early. This will give plenty of time to prepare all areas of the Walk details and to better communicate with the team members that will be serving.

Barb encouraged the Board to consider having an occasional board meeting in western or northern part of Dakotas areas to make it more convenient for people coming from those areas. Barb would also like to have Community Gatherings more frequently, such as following the Monthly Board Meetings.

New board members to be installed at the April 21st meeting include: Rick & Jane Hazen, Steve Elliason, Andy & Suzie Ryks. Tonya asked that returning board members please send an email to her indicating the board position they are willing to serve in for the next year.

Dale asked the Board members to possibly consider getting a larger trailer for supplies. Our current trailer is 6×12. Maybe one larger, possibly 6×14 or 6×16, would accommodate the cabinets and supplies better. Discussion will be continued at a future meeting.

Discussion by Board determined that the cost of the banquet meal served on Saturday evening for Community members coming in only on Saturday evening will remain at $15 per person.

Next board meeting will be April 21, 9:30 AM, First UMC, Mitchell SD.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Janke

DWTE Board Secretary