May 18, 2019

Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes – May 18, 2019

Board Members Present: Steve Eliason, Kevin Klare, Scott & Carmen Nikont, Jeanne Olson, Ron Olson, Scott Rodman, Val Rush, Tonya Whitmore. Also in attendance was Sue Ehrk (Fall Lay Director #62).Jeanne Olson, CLD, called the meeting to order.  Pastor Val Rush led the devotional & prayer.

The April Secretary’s Report was approved and the Treasurer’s report was reviewed, discussed, and approved. The final amount to be paid to Inspiration Hills will be determined after all bills have been paid at next board meeting in June.

Current board member positions were reviewed and discussed. Tonya suggested that training with the Upper Room would be helpful, especially for new board members coming on the Board. Members discussed ways to make Community Gatherings more feasible for Community Members to attend. Kevin suggested connecting more with Reunion Groups and offering more Board communications and support.

New Business: Sue Ehrk, Women’s LD for Walk #62, and Steve Eliason, Men’s LD for Walk #61, are contacting people for their teams. Suggestions for additional team members were presented. Many have responded that they are excited to have a West River Walk again, and some are giving promotional information in their churches in the West River area to promote these upcoming Walks.

Val Rush asked Scott & Carmen to prepare a presentation for next month’s meeting on Chrysalis since they have been involved in the Nebraska Flights. All members discussed current needs for youth in our area and to have a team look into participating in the Nebraska flight coming in August to learn more about their program.

Kevin reported that he and Andy are looking into Video Conferencing for future Board Meetings. This would make it easier for Board Members to participate and also open new possibilities for members across North and South Dakota to be board members in the future.

Kevin has put together a team to look at possible East River Walk sites for Spring 2020. Since our community continues to grow in different areas, they are looking at identifying places easily accessible to community members and is putting together a list of requirements for these possible Walk sites.

Scott Nikont shared his concern that information is not easily accessed by community members and presented ideas related to shorter monthly announcements, Facebook, etc. Tonya shared that the Monthly Newsletter used to share information is currently not in place and published until we get someone that wants to take on that task.

The future dates for board meetings were discussed. Suggestions were made to meet on June 15th, July 20th, and August 10th. The Board hopes to plan the meetings for August and September during the practice weekends once they are determined.

Respectfully submitted by

Jeanne Olson, Community Day Director