November 4, 2017

Dakotas Walk to Emmaus Board Minutes November 4, 2017

Present: Susan Ehrk, Peggy Hora, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Deb Mills, Jeanne Olson, Scott Rodman, Tonya Whitmore, Val & Teresa Rush, Janice Antrim, & Howard Pearl.

Meeting was called to order by Community LD, Deb Mills. Val Rush shared thoughts on “Be a Seed Planter” for DWTE & led us in prayer.

Secretary’s report was approved as sent via email and Treasurer’s report was unchanged from previous report.

Howard Pearl, Men’s Lay Director for March 8-11, 2018, shared information regarding the progress in team formation for that walk. He and Holly Siefert have been in communication and have set January 13 as the first team practice date. Holly Siefert, Women’s Lay Director for March 15-18, 2018, was unable to be present at board meeting. A motion was made by Peggy Hora and second by Jeanne Olson to have Deb Mills contact a candidate to consider being Lay Director for Women’s Walk in 2019.

Walk dates for 2019 were discussed. (Easter is March 21.) Tonya will follow up in setting available dates. A script for LD’s to use for the closing ceremony at Walks was discussed.
Discussion was held regarding board meetings and use of Skype or other feasible means of making it possible to connect people who are at a significant distance for board meetings. Other options will be explored.

A thank you card was shared from Mary Ann Sheldon who was given a Barnes and Nobles gift certificate for being women’s walk SD last March.

Discussion was held regarding establishing an Email Address to be used when one wants to contact DWTE, that can also be set up as a link on the website.

The next board meeting date was discussed and set for Saturday, December 9th at 9:30 am at First UMC of Mitchell. Meeting was adjourned.

Walk Dates for 2018: Men’s Walk: March 8-11, 2018; Women Walk: March 15-18, 2018 at Inspiration Hills Retreat Center.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Janke,
Board Secretary