October 15, 2016


Those present include:  Susan Ehrk, Peggy Hora, Delmar & Betty Janke, Dean & Barb Johnson, Kevin & Carrie Klare, Deb Mills, Jeanne Olson, Rick & Jane Hazen, Tonya Whitmore, Karl & Jo Watkins, Scott Rodman, and Val Rush.

Meeting was called to order by Tonya Whitmore. Quorum established. Karl Watkins led opening devotions and prayer.

Secretary’s report was approved as written & posted to website.

Deb Mills, treasurer, reported that service charge refund of $56.00 was received from Wells Fargo.  We will move our account to Dakotaland FCU.  Deb Mills will work with the transfer process.

Discussion regarding upcoming walks 53 & 54 for 2017 was held.  Kevin Klare gave a report for Men’s LD, Dean Larson, who was unable to be at meeting.  Dean has been working on establishing the conference room team.   Discussion was held regarding using two people to co-chair the agape team.  Board recommends having one chair and one assistant for agape team.  Carrie Klare, LD for women’s walk reported on team formation plans and asked pertinent questions for team formation, etc.

Discussion of insurance to cover DWTE needs was held and decision was tabled until November while members seek to find an insurance coverage that will meet the needs of the community.

New Business: Tonya needs names of people to contact in reference to serving on board, (4 positions), with terms effective in January of 2017.

Reminder that donations of Christian books & Bibles should be appropriate for display at the Dakotas Emmaus Walk and that books may be collected by any board member if someone has some to donate.

The prayer vigil sign-up is now available online for our 2017 walks.  Select your times now and it will be opened to other communities later.

Discussion of dates for spring 2018 walks was held.  Motion by Karl & seconded by Kevin to plan dates of March 11 & 18, 2018.  Motion by Kevin and seconded by Susan to form a sub-committee to check possibilities for walk sites.  Motions carried.  Please let any board member know of possible locations.

Prayer requests were heard and meeting closed with prayer and communion service led by Pastors Karl Watkins & Val Rush. Next meeting is scheduled for 11/19/16 at First UMC in Mitchell at 9:30AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Janke

Recording Secretary