The Walk to Emmaus is named so because the experience is very similar to the Bible story in Luke 24:13-34 in which the risen Christ joins the two disciples who were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus. By walking with Jesus, reflecting on the scriptures, breaking bread together, and sharing their resurrection stories, the disciples experienced Christ’s presence and their hearts burned within them. The Walk to Emmaus is your opportunity to walk with the Lord and rediscover God’s burning presence in your life.

The program, Walk to Emmaus, is a 72-hour experience starting Thursday evening at 7:00 pm and ending around 7:00 pm on Sunday. Participants are asked to separate themselves from their daily activities for this time period. There is no “physical walking distance”, but rather a “walk” with others in fellowship, learning and fun.

The structure of the Walk centers on 15 talks, which are discussed by the participants. Five talks are presented by clergy and ten are presented by lay persons. The Walk will include the talks, which focus on God’s grace, special times of worship, daily celebration of Holy Communion, and the prayers and acts of anonymous service offered by the Emmaus community.

   The aim of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge and equip local Church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, places of work, and communities.

The Walk to Emmaus is not a new church or religion. The program is open and has no secrets; ask any questions you wish! It is not an elite group; on the contrary, it is intended to increase awareness of the servant attitude that Jesus demonstrated by his example of serving all those he met. After the Walk, participants are invited to join in small Reunion Groups for the purpose of encouraging each other in their spiritual journey. Monthly Gatherings of the whole Dakotas Community provide a time of worship and fellowship with all who have participated in Walks anywhere, any time, any place.The Walk to Emmaus, adapted from the Roman Catholic Cursillo movement by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church, began in 1978. More information may be obtained from the following, and The program is ecumenical in all aspects and each local community is governed by a Board of Directors. The Emmaus course syllabus is followed, and separate weekends for men and women are provided. Emmaus is not for evangelizing non-Christians, but rather Emmaus is to enrich, renew and enliven the spiritual journey of those who are already active members of churches. The focus of the Walk to Emmaus is God as known in Jesus Christ, and how to find that expression in your local Church.